Who are we ...?


Eye to the Sky Ceramics is a two-person studio producing functional pottery, out of a rural basement in Yates County, NY (or Ontario County, depending on who you believe). We use commercial-milled stoneware and porcelain clay bodies, glaze fired to cones 5 to 6 in two electric kilns.

Kate began producing pots for friends, family, and her kitchen in 2017. In '21, seeking autonomy in her income and beauty in her work, Eye to the Sky Ceramics was her big gamble for the future.

Her husband, Nick, with almost a decade of experience managing production in small craft shops, was asked to help her out in the summer of '22. He has taken over several key roles -- trimming, glaze preparation, and making handles.

And Boots. He has a job, we just haven't asked what it is yet.